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Fantasy people are fandom people. Whether it's Supernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, all you really need is apocalyptic peril and magic to get the fans turning out their stellar takes on the original text.

One classic of the genre, however, is sadly neglected.

We refer, of course, to Jim Theis' The Eye of Argon. Read in sci-fi and fantasy circles whenever drink and the urge to howl in sadistic mirth can be found, this is one of the most well-loved fantasy tales of modernity - well-loved, because it is so jaw-droppingly, gruesomely, hilariously awful.

Yet, despite this popularity, there is tragically little fanfic of this famous work!

Last year, your moderators cried validly "Enough! Who will join us to correct this grieving oversight?" We questioned. And we were joined by brave alleys, who boldly joined us!

The inaugural ARGONATHON was held.

Will you take up arms and/or pen and enter into the astonishing world of this classic piece of fantasy literature? Then read on!

How to Participate:

1) If you haven't done so already, read the short story The Eye of Argon. Preferably out loud.

2) Sign up! We will send you friendly reminders as the due date approaches.

3) Write your fic by the 31st of October.

It can be anything, crossed over with anything, written in any style - it's fanfic! Eye of Argon: Son of Grignr! Prom at Argon High: A High School AU! Eye of Argon on the Battlestar Galactica! Eye of Argon: The Eighth Horcrux! Eye of Argon: In Green Arrow's Pants! The Eye of Argon of Gor!

Some useful hints on producing genuine fake EoA style are here.

4) Beta or not, as appropriate.

5) Read the posting instructions (which will be posted in the community in plenty of time before deadline).

6) Sit back and enjoy the results.

Please Note:

The Argonathon is not an exchange, so you won’t be letting anyone down if you sign up and then drop out. You will, however, expose yourself to the ridicule of your peers, who will talk about you behind your back and stop as soon as you enter the room, in a patently obvious manner.